Alex Tarrant is a British Music Composer and Sound Designer for Video Games, Television and Film. Drawing inspiration from his West London roots and multi-instrumental abilities, he produces dynamic and distinctive blends of contemporary electronic sound with live instruments and percussion.


Alex has composed music for a number of games, including the upcoming and eagerly anticipated Rougelike-Metroidvania game "Patch Quest".


In addition to his work within the game industry, he frequently carries out audio services for a range of projects including animations and trailers, as well as producing high quality production music for TV and Film.

He is also known to release music under his producer alias "Expansive".

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This is my co-producer and rescue cat Pas! We're supporters of animal rights and the fight against animal cruelty. Because of this, I like to donate wherever I can to help support organizations that are actively working hard to tackle many of these issues. One of my favorite charities is Born Free, for the work they do for wild animals exploited in captivity.